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About Us

Founded in 1986, Century Roofing 3 Generations is a professional roofing contractor based in Los Angeles that prides itself in doing the job right and in doing the right job for you.


We've been in business for over 26 years and are proud of the fact that our first customers still call on us to work for them when they have new buildings or projects that come up. We specialize in roof restoration, maintenance, repairs, and energy efficiency. 


Roof restoration and protective coatings are cost effective and can extend the lifetime of your roof indefinitely when combined with our annual maintenance & inspection program. Not only do these protective coatings save you roofing dollars, they save you energy dollars reflecting away unwanted heat form the sun. A roof doesn't need to be replaced when it is properly maintained and reconditioned on a ten to fifteen year cycle.


As roofing technology improves, we review and test new coatings and roof systems so you will always have the best and most cost-effective choice available.



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