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Why Roofs Wear Out

How to Save Your Roof

Your can make your roof last longer if you follow three basic steps:

1. Start a roof maintenance schedule

2. Take a proactive approach to roof repairs

3. Apply white acrylic coatings periodically.

Following steps 1 and 2 will double the life of your roof. Following step 3 will make your roof last for decades.

1. Start a Basic Roof Maintenance Schedule

You can make your roof last longer by starting a basic roof maintenance plan. Regular inspections identify problems with your roof. You should clean out the drains and waterways that lead to the drain. Rotting debris eats through the roof.

You can check to see how much of the mastic has dried away from the pipes, and if they are cracked. You can spot potential problems before they cause serious damage, identify future repairs that are needed, and get a better handle on your basic roof condition.

Proper maintenance will keep small problems from becoming large and costly.

• Inspecting a roof twice a year will make note of problems while they are still small.

• Debris should be picked up and removed, keeping drains unclogged.

• Roof top equipment that leaks grease or chemicals can be corrected periodically before it becomes a big problem.

• New equipment added or replaced can be checked to see if it was properly installed.

• Written reports will let you know what is happening to the roof on an on going basis.

2. A Proactive Approach Significantly Extends Roof Life

A planned organized approach to maintaining your roof allows for responsible roof management. You should have a proactive approach to identify and control problems in the early stages before they become a catastrophe.

Proactive repairs would include repairs to drains, sumps, standing water, low spots, air conditioning ducts, leaking roof top equipment, improperly installed equipment and roof jacks.

Most roofs don’t wear out immediately. They deteriorate slowly over time. If nothing is done until a leak appears, usually great damage has been done to the roof, the deck under the roof and the contents of the building.

3. Acrylic Coatings Will Slow Down the Aging Process of your Roof

Make your roof sustainable. Your roof can last as long as the building if you follow a regular maintenance plan, take a proactive approach to repairs and if you apply acrylic coatings. Century Roofing uses acrylic coatings that block out 100% of the UV rays from the sun and keeps the heat off the surface of your roof, thereby reducing thermal shock.

Receive the following benefits when you recondition your roof:

Rotting debris not only wears out the roof sooner, it can block the drain leading to a roof collapse

Neglect allows premature aging.

Simple grease traps can avoid this damage

Improper installation of roof top equipment creates roof leaks

1. Preparing a worn drain.

2. Installing polyester and emulsion.

3. A final coating creating a smooth seamless long lasting repair.

1. Can be fully written off as a maintenance procedure.

2. No messy tear off.

3. Virtually odorless material.

4. The polyester maintenance system is very light-weight.

5. The polyester will make your roof tougher than when it

was first installed.

6. Environmentally friendly material.

7. Reflective coating will save on cooling expense.

8. The white coating will block 100% of UV rays of the sun.

Reinforcing an existing roof with polyester and emulsion makes this roof tougher than when it was first installed.

A polyester reinforced roof with a white coating will last decades. The walking deck keeps foot traffic off of the roof. A coated roof slows down roof deterioration dramatically.

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